In addition to a Bachelor's degree in Graphic Design, I graduated from Sheridan College with 3 diplomas in Computer Animation, Advanced Television and film, and Digital Visual effects. In 2005 and started my career at Silicon Knights Games as a Visual effects artist. In 2008, I joined Vigil games as a senior visual effects artist. Currently I work at Spark Unlimited Games. My passion is making various visual effects, realistic or fantastical, such as weapon impacts, enviromental effects: water, lava, rain and and post effects.

8+ years as an visual effects artist in the game industry, I've worked on a couple of AAA console games include Darksiders, Too Human, Dust, Fuse, Yaiba etc.

Softwares I used include: Unreal Editor, proprietary effects tools and editors, Maya, After Effects, Photoshop, 3D Max, Realflow, afterburn, and Fume Fx.


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